Apparition (Yaoi boyxboy)

Apparition (Yaoi boyxboy)

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Satine By yaoigoddess01 Updated Oct 02, 2014

Chase Maning is a hard nosed dean of a local College. At 31 he runs the prestigious facility his family has owned for generations. 

With such an important undertaking Chase has no time for games or silly things like love. Hard work was all that filled his structured life. 

Know as the "Dragon King" on campus Chase had many enemies within the faculty and the student body. His no nonsense way of doing things, always irked people and kept any potential suitors at bay.

Until one night when Chase is held at gun point. Just when he thinks he's going to be killed. His wood be attacker is thrown against a wall held in midair, then knocked out cold!

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May the Force be with you
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If you wanted to give me a can of whipped cream you should have just said something idiot!!
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I'll kick your rocky road and then punch the ever loving strawberry cheesecake out of you if you don't update soon.
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Omg is it a ghost yassss *Screams excitedly*ahem anyway good story
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He sounds like the perfect boyfriend too perfect😆😆😕
I just giggled and my mom started to look at me and I was like blushing and said " WHAT U LOOKING AT ME 4"