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All Around Me

All Around Me

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Lotus By AdiraPhoenixLambert Updated Nov 28, 2016

Adam is thirty years old, he lives a normal, everyday life in L.A., except for these weird dreams he keeps having. He keeps dreaming about a blond. He can't figure out if it's his ex-boyfriend, Sauli, or someone he hasn't met yet. All he knows is that they're blond, and every dream is filled with sex.
Tommy is a succubus. He is one of Lucifers favorites. Lucifer designed him to be able to take the souls of any man he chose to have sex with, and have children with. Tommy has been waiting for hundreds of years for a man as beautiful as Adam to come along. He chooses to have a child with him because he's too beautiful, and he knows another of his kind might try to claim before he gets the chance.

GlamNinja29 GlamNinja29 Oct 10, 2016
Ooh! Looks like Tommy needs to take away the T and replace it with A and D😳😳