The Dragon of the North Wind (ON HOLD)

The Dragon of the North Wind (ON HOLD)

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slightly perverted By utahraptortilla Updated Feb 14

GenjixReader story!

Y/n and Genji become close friends. Soon enough, their friendship becomes a relationship and escalates. But when Hanzo tries to kill Genji, will Y/n make it in time to stop Hanzo? Or will Genji die, just as his future predicts?

(will contain very kinky jokes and swearing. eventually.)
(andCOugHpossiblysmutcouGhCOUGH im sorry idk what is with me today, i think i just felt my soul decend into the eighteenth circle of Hell- I MeAN i think im getting sick)

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KarmaMessenger KarmaMessenger Nov 09, 2017
Yo for a first chapter, this interests me a lot! Good job ❤
Hey guys thanks for cheking in, I'm still a piece of gaarbageee~ 
                              I dont know why but that meme appeared on my mind