A Whisper In The Forest

A Whisper In The Forest

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Ronnie Debb By RonnieDebb Updated Nov 22

[Highest ranked #19 in Mystery/Thriller.]

"Dante tried to calm his mind, knowing that the hunter was closing in on him. He could feel the distinct aura that the hunter radiated. It was stronger than any other he had experienced before, a malevolent force that seemed to set his nerves on fire."

Samantha Laine's life was as monotonous as the sea, until that fateful drive in the rain. A strange child with queer scars on his head collided with her car and started a chain of events.

Who was the boy? What were those scars? Samantha was about to know everything about him, and his horrifying past, even as a mysterious entity is on their trial...

[A lot of people have helped me hone  my skills by pointing out mistakes and suggesting improvements. So, this book will undergo a considerable amount of editing based on what I have learnt.  Thanks to all those who have helped me.!  ]

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nyctopholia nyctopholia Oct 10
Izzy's BC:
                              I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! You've really used detail to make the reader feel as if they were actually there, and that's a skill! I love the book so far, continue to do the great work that you're doing! Xxx
ljwrites85 ljwrites85 Oct 14
Only a minor point, she collided hard with a tree but didn't get whiplash or at least jolted her seat belt a bit?
                              Great first chapter! No mistakes and a great suspense! Maybe you could make it a bit longer.
IzzyM99 IzzyM99 Oct 10
Izzy'BC: I really love the amount of details you place because it helps the reader get a visual. Also the similes make it have a better understanding. Can't wait for the update. Keep up the good work! 👍😂
Great start...u got that something which bind readers to ur story...
                              U can add somewhat more events if u want to...it will make it more interesting
roseofhope roseofhope Nov 04
That's a goos start, right into the action :) And the last paragraph is.. it reminded me of when they show the culprit in Detective Conan, all black and lurking around..