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Fakers [Vocaloid Yaoi]

Fakers [Vocaloid Yaoi]

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Bald By Vivisaurs Updated Apr 07

Fukase and Piko weren't the best at behaving well.
Violent and outrageous, the two of them somehow struck fear in the hearts f those they met just because of their sadistic and somehow strong behaviour.
But they had a policy; don't hit a girl. Ever.
This all changes when their friend Len tells them his sister is getting bullied by girls in her class, and they have no way to stop her without getting physical.
"Let's break her from the inside."
"Is that an innuendo?"
Piko and Fukase aren't that manly looking.
And transferring into an all girls school isn't actually as hard as they thought, with help from forgeries and supportive families.
[Main ship is Fukase x Piko, there may be other yaoi ships and even yuri.]
*This book may contain some content that could be considered sexist. Just because I write characters saying it does not mean I 100% agree with it.

I saw that in the description and I lmaoed. I'm surprised my dad didn't come in it was really loud.
                              im not sorry
                              Theyre all gay
Yu madafuka
                              Engrish skills on point. Gonna need them if I plan to make English songs with Piko soon.
Calling him what? Pika?  (Thats actually kinda a cute name.)
Piko's always been in a skirt. (Actually its a dress but whatever.)
How has my dad not come in yet?!  I'm laughing really loudly at midnight!