SOTUS : Hazer team harmfulness towards freshmen year

SOTUS : Hazer team harmfulness towards freshmen year

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It's about a University. A  freshy and a junior.

Kongpob is freshy in this new place and junior Artit. In every year freshy must have a welcome from junior. And the boss of junior in this year is Artit. 

Junior have to be very hard to freshy. And every freshy have to follow the boss '(Artit) says. 

It's started when Konpob didn't want to follow the 'sotus system' so he think that this sotus system is only for fun. But every time when he try to make things fun Artit is always angry at him. 

Kongpob like to play the role HERO too. He always want to help his friends but Artit didn't like that. This sotus system will everyone to be a team not someone special or a person that take the role HERO. So every time Kongpob play as hero Artit is always mad. And that made Artit and Kongpob become more closer. 

And a thing more. Kongpob and Artit are live a apartment. And their apartment is very close to each other. And that is the way how Kongpob can look (from his window) at Artit ('s room) when he's not play the role as the BOSS(well, not the angry face, not screaming at people and got watch at him when he living his normal life. He's kinda cute, heh) . And that's how Kongpob started to like Artit. 

source : soompi

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