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At Your Mercy (Original copy) COMPLETED

At Your Mercy (Original copy) COMPLETED

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CaughtInATaekookHole By LillyRuin Updated May 05

Grace Morgan is a rogue. Has been ever since she was convicted of homicide within her pack five years ago then banished from the territory shortly thereafter with nothing more than a bag full of clothes and a heart full of misery.
  Receiving no condolences from her parents or friends, no goodbyes, no sorrowful partings, not even a promise to meet again - just the cold shoulder, Grace left with no one on her side.
  The only way for her to survive is by thieving from other territories, stealing food and materials to survive and then leaving the territory at a dead sprint. Grace is so successful at this that she's even earned a name for herself: The Runner. Empty but successful, Grace has grown accustomed to life as a rogue. But it won't last long.
  Ryder Carson is the successful Alpha of the strongest pack in the country: The DawnBloods. Feared by many and respected by all, Carson dominates his pack with an iron fist, forbidding anyone near what he holds closest - his heart.
  He's merciless, relentless, and takes no prisoners. When Ryder discovers that The Runner has entered his territory for the third time without leaving so much as a footprint, he makes it his mission to capture the lone wolf. He will have the feeble creature at his mercy - no matter what it takes.
  Highest ranking (Werewolf) - #1 -
  Edited chapters - ~[Name]~
  All credit given to @kikibuscus2259 for the ridiculously beautiful cover! :)

I was so confused a couple of months ago when I couldn't find the story in my library and after about an hour of trawling through google I found you, thank you for uploading this I really like this book.
WHAT? What idiot would do that??? It's not theirs, stupid a-hole
ByarfKitteh ByarfKitteh Jul 13
OH MAN, SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS BOOK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it a while ago, and I've been looking for it for the past month XD google can be helpful sometimes, who knew
_jordynlia_ _jordynlia_ Apr 21
Omg thank you so much. I was so sad when it was deleted. If you don't mind me asking how'd you get it though or is this just your version of the story? Anyway thank you so much
Bloody_Refa Bloody_Refa Mar 22
Oh my god! That's why I couldn't find this book and the author! It's my favorite story ever! I've been reading this a lot of times and got confused when I couldn't find it on my library. Gosh! Thank you so much for publishing the original copy.
So happy this book is still around, loved reading this so much.