Hide me || Leafnision

Hide me || Leafnision

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Poblol By Poblol Updated Nov 13, 2016

Calvin or better known on YouTube as Leafyishere,
Always wants to hide.

Onison can see how unwell Leafy is getting In his videos by his voice,
But leafy alway replays to everyone saying he fine and just tried,
Everyone believed him until he did another face cam vid.

Onison wants to help Leafy get better,
But can Leafy get out of the craving abyss he dug himself in to,
Trapped in a world of self hate,
 and the comments on his YouTube videos don't help.

Onison starts to develop feelings for the young brunette boy,
But can Leafy accept the love, he always wanted.

Warning ⚠️: strong Language, anorexia, depression, self- harm, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, OCD, strong language, lgbt / gay, Leafnision of course and other strong topics, if you get triggered easy do not read this book!
Cover by @sad_masquerade
Undergoing editing (spelling and grammar)

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-gaymikeyway -gaymikeyway Oct 09, 2016
Very well written! I literally screamed when Onision came into the story lmao.
iEazyE iEazyE Oct 12, 2016
I'm staring to like this. This is deep..but I love deep fanfics.
                              My goodness 0.o
iEazyE iEazyE Oct 12, 2016
boyyyyyyy he going to his house?!? I'm done. this is going to get spicyyyyy
iEazyE iEazyE Oct 12, 2016
Right off the bat, I really love the book cover. I like how you got "Parental Advisory" on the bottom right corner
iEazyE iEazyE Oct 12, 2016
iDubbbz dragged Calvin's ass boiiii 
                              Seriously, everyone thought Calvin was dead after that video.