Hello, My Name Is...Beautiful

Hello, My Name Is...Beautiful

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JM.LO By Unpolished_Jen Updated May 22, 2011

What would you do if your sister died and asked you to protect her best friend? You would protect her, right? But what if she's guarded and shy, how would you complete this? 

Sixteen year old Jennifer Williams and Hector Pearson were friends ever since they were five. A few years, they started to be distanced because he started to hang around with a girl named Caroline and now the girlfriend of Hector. The only contact they had was Hector’s sister.  Though,one horrible day Hector’s sister dies and three days after her death a nurse has been looking for him and tells him to protect Jennifer, the most shyest, guarded, sarcastic sixteen year old. 

Hector decides to keep his sister’s last wish and protects her even if it takes him years to overcome her fears because he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her, death because her mom is a drunk and lately she has been acting weird. 

Overtime, when they’re together a love starts to bloom because love doesn’t come in seconds they come in months, but what if there's a twist because somehow, he can't forget Caroline.

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apollosmuse apollosmuse Jan 28, 2012
the poem is sooo beautiful i write some poetryu but its no good
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Mar 18, 2011
                              it's okay :P
                              I hope you will haha.
                              I hope you know it's a story ^__^
                              haha thanks again.
TKAnez TKAnez Mar 18, 2011
@State-of-the-ART Oh! I didn't realize that there was more lol. I'll check it out :)
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Mar 18, 2011
                              haha, i wish it WAS my poem xD
                              Thanks for checking my story out, i hope you read the actual story :D
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Feb 27, 2011
                              haha it's okay (;
                              Thank you for reading,
                              I hope u read the story, though
                              and also it would be awesome if you checked out her work.
                              it's really good (:
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Feb 13, 2011
                              You should read past this and tell me what you think :D