Modern Life

Modern Life

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This is by request by some Swan Queen fans I know who wanted to see a story where Killian was not a bad guy towards Swan Queen as a couple, asking me to do a story that was family based so this is what I came up with , if you don't like Swan Queen, and are just going to be rude, MOVE on and read something not tagged as Swan Queen, because I won't tolerate negativity just bc you don't like the couple in the story. It's fanfic. 

Killian and Regina are best friends since their teen years, and he's the only person she trusts with a delicate secret about her sexuality. Killian is supportive of it, and the two meet Emma Swan in college, and Killian notices something sparking between the two women, and encourages them to just go with their feelings. 

This story follows the three friends, and how they are a family in their adult years. Through the relationships between each other, sexually, and personally, and all of them fitting together, Killian finding his own happy ending, meeting Bella, and his friends by his side. The group deals with life challenges of trying to have children and the obstacles they are faced with. 
This story is dedicated to the LGBT community, modern families everywhere and people that have been bullied in this fandom, for their ship. 
No one has the right to tear anyone down because of a Television show. If you don't like Swan Queen-- Don't read this, because I don't want any negative comments, I'll just block you.

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HookdOnCaptainSwan HookdOnCaptainSwan Oct 12, 2016
Oml ahahaha I can't with him...They literally all are his kids....I'm laughing so hard after I realized that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
HookdOnCaptainSwan HookdOnCaptainSwan Oct 12, 2016
This is what I want to hear on the show...If The family had a breakfast at Granny's and Emma and Killian are sitting on one side and Regina on the other and they're waiting for Henry to sit with them...And HE Finally calls Killian Dad...That's my dream
HookdOnCaptainSwan HookdOnCaptainSwan Oct 12, 2016
That interesting. I guess maybe for her...because everybody I thought I knew that was going to come out of the closet in middle school...Came out like freshmen year...I wasn't even surprised.