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Small Town Gossip

Small Town Gossip

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SeriouslyInTrouble By SeriouslyInTrouble Completed

Addy Harper-Dewitt is stuck. She has no job, no prospects, and is perpetually in trouble. Everyone in town likes to gossip about Addy because no matter what she does, she's always smack-dab in the middle of some local controversy. She's long given up on improving her reputation and wants to focus on moving out of her mama's trailer to start her own life. But she can't do that without money. 

Skylar Clarke seems to have it all: a promising career, good looks, and any girl he wants. On the outside, his life appears perfect. But in reality, Skylar hates where his life is headed and is struggling to keep his beloved brother, Danny, out of trouble. The weekend of their younger sister's wedding, their political father has invited a reporter to do a puff piece on the family to help his campaign for state legislature. In the wake of Danny's addiction problems, the eldest Clarke has promised that if the weekend goes well, then he will grant his sons' their freedom. Danny can get real help in battling his demons, and Skylar will be allowed to choose his own path. 

So when Skylar witnesses the positive impact Addy has on his brother, he  comes up with a plan to help both their lives. All she has to do is pretend to be Danny's girlfriend for the weekend and help his family avoid scandal, and then Skylar's family will pay for anything that Addy wants.

With a perfect plan like this, what could go wrong?

hilda25 hilda25 Jan 31, 2016
Is this the beginning of a love triangle between two brothers with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks?? How scandalous!!
Shelivesbythesea Shelivesbythesea Jan 22, 2014
Addy really lets herself go when she's had a few! Hilarious ending!
Ellen_Ronan Ellen_Ronan Oct 22, 2013
Well, that definitely didn't end how I imagined! :) Your story is certainly not predictable so far!
Ellen_Ronan Ellen_Ronan Oct 22, 2013
Such a great opening. I really like all the details like the iguana and that the locals are desensitised by the smell of sewerage. Plus, I like how she dealt with that guy - she's gutsy but not unnecessarily aggressive. *Voted!*
Unevenfeets Unevenfeets Oct 05, 2013
This story has a great start. I love the vibe, and your MC is super strong. you really get the sense of what kind girl she is and her personality without you needing to say "She's a tough girl", which is refreshing. Good Work!