Storm's Silence

Storm's Silence

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Minal Warudkar By MinnieMeenyMinyMoe Updated Oct 12

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When she came in my life, I had realised that I was still young, my own self felt so boring and dull in front of her bright and bubbly spirit. Whatever I found annoying in others, I found myself loving the same in her.

She was so different, even from me, yet it felt so perfect. She was like a breath of life and warmth in my life. Something, I realised, I yearned for all those years.

Her bravery and stubbornness, her will to do something, attracted me the most.

All so suddenly I felt myself falling, falling in love with her.

All this time, I denied it, pushing her away. I didn't realise that I pushed her so far from me, that she would never come back.

It felt like all the life was sucked out of me, all the warmth leaving my body, all the meaning taken away from my life, all the love taken away from my heart.

Did I do something wrong? Why did this happen to me? Why was life making me regret all my decisions.

The memories came back to me, something I would treasure forever.

But I wanted Lillian.

She did so much for me, proved herself strong, fought death with me, helped me in all my endeavours, yet, what did she get out of it? What did I give her? Death?

I wanted to curl myself in a small ball and hide in a corner, forgetting everything. What would get out of all the money?

I could kill that Dalgliesh and happily have a death sentence and die. What did I have to live anymore? All the money felt worthless now.

'Karim, she... she left me, Karim, she left me...' I whispered, my chest heaving, my forehead still pressed against hers.


This will be a series of one shots from the amazing, Storm and Silence by Sir Rob Thier.
These one shots will describe how Ambrose fights with his inner feelings. How much he has going on in his mind, yet hides it well from public view.(some Lillian povs too)
All characters are owned br Sir Rob.
Hope you enjoy them!

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Cute but that doesnt really sound like something he would say lol