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The Selection Roleplay || IN NEED OF MAIDS/GUARDS/REBELS

The Selection Roleplay || IN NEED OF MAIDS/GUARDS/REBELS

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FarkleTookMyWaffle By FarkleTookMyWaffle Updated Jan 27

Thirty-five girls fight for the hearts of three princes.

To the death.

Just kidding, maybe? Maybe.

Offic_MayaEficent_ Offic_MayaEficent_ Oct 10, 2016
Is it just me or am! I the only one who can't find the password?
FloJo17 FloJo17 Nov 11, 2016
                              Francesca Maines
                              Emilia Clarke
                              Flirty, compassionate, sometimes socially awkward 
                              And loyal
                              Piano player, violin player,and singer
                              Nickname is Fran 
                              Sorry I couldn't find the password
CrimsonAuther CrimsonAuther Nov 02, 2016
May I join? And where is the password, I'd really like to put it up so I don't get two strikes for breaking one rule.
Slytherin-Queen- Slytherin-Queen- Oct 09, 2016
Yo I don't understand I tried finding the password but I can't seem to and when I tried putting the bold letters as a word t didn't make any sense so I'm really confused
_SweetAsSugar_ _SweetAsSugar_ Oct 09, 2016
Am I just, like, super dumb or bad at reading...cos I've read this at least four times over and still can't find the password
_HeavenAndHell_ _HeavenAndHell_ Dec 20, 2016
Marina DeFray
                              AnnaSophia Robb
                              She's quiet and loves helping people, she adores making clothes and she is quite fearless when it comes to rebels. 
                              She can serve whoever needs a maid!
                              Other: she's an orphan
                              Password: @-grunge-and-roses