Claimed by the Wild Ones (Enraptured Series: Volume One) UNDER MAJOR EDITING!

Claimed by the Wild Ones (Enraptured Series: Volume One) UNDER MAJOR EDITING!

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S. M. Waters By naturelover123 Completed


Before you read my story I must warn you what is to come. You may not believe me- even I can't understand what is happening to me and my surroundings! I advice you: this is not a story with red capes, glass slippers or happy endings.  

But for those of you who wish to cross the realm between fantasy and reality I wish you luck on this journey- more luck than I have had.

x Yours truly,
         Allison Black
Two woman wake up to find themselves in an enchanted world that is not their own. Thrown into a place where they are hunted and ravished at every turn. Where injustice thrives in the darkness of others, and where love and death go hand in hand. Will they live or will they parish in a realm that was not meant for them?

Warning: May go insane
 (First/Rough Draft)

Mama_G Mama_G Nov 29, 2015
So very interesting...I can only hope the coming chappies will be just as inviting ;D
                              Mama G
CakeAndUnicorn CakeAndUnicorn Sep 29, 2015
I'm hyperventilating from excitement! It seems I'm in for one hell of a ride!
                              So excited! I love it!
obsessivegrl obsessivegrl Jul 18, 2015
Did anyone else get a little teary eyed? Or is it just a little to close to my time of the month...
maythegodsbewithyou maythegodsbewithyou Nov 28, 2014
this would be passed. i'm sorry if you don't like corrections, but if you ever plan on publishing, which you should, these tiny little errors should be fixed :)
AngeliqueTheManiAc AngeliqueTheManiAc May 26, 2014
You've developed your characters well though you have few grammatical errors. Keep up the good work :)
AngeliqueTheManiAc AngeliqueTheManiAc May 26, 2014
I really like your introducing chapter, its captivating and makes the reader want to read more