Descent into Darkness

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Isabell By Bella1951 Updated 3 years ago
This is my version of how Bellatrix became the insane Death Eater she is. It is written as diary entries and flash backs and there is no happy ending. I claim no rights to any characters or places pulled from the Harry Potter universe.
This is an absolutely brilliant story! Bellatrix has always been one of my favourite characters and you portray her so well here. I can't wait to continue on reading and discover how her relationship with the green eyes boy evolves. Well done!
I loved the entirety of this one <3 Please write more for characters like Bella!
I've been looking for something like this FOREVER! Please write more!
I'm barely on the first chapter and I'm already hooked on this story!
I absolutely love this book!!!!! When watching the films now I think of this book when I see Bellatrix!!!!!!!
Amazing how something so dark can end so beautifully. Thank you for sharing that part of bella with us. You had me sucked right into the story feeling her pain with her. So glad she got to rip.