Manan: lust & love (18+)✔

Manan: lust & love (18+)✔

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A manan love story.

This is a story that anyone can read without knowing about the show or characters . It is a standalone book where everything is penned according to my imagination. 

I know you guys are huge fans of pani or should I say manan.

Well , name doesn't matter because we love the chemistry between them.

This is the brand new story for you. The story line is the same but the concept is different.

Unedited. Book is complete .


" leave her!! " I said loud and clear.

He turned around and I went near them.

"Are you guys crazy? Why are you behaving like monsters . She said sorry right. So, just leave her alone. Stop being a jerk." I spat at him

But he just smirked evilly. I can see something cooking in his eyes.

"Listen guys, our madhubala here has a savior" he said smirking.

"A hero! huh!!, impressive" he said

"So hero, let's have a deal here . Let's have an exchange policy. What say hmm." He said smiling

"Get lost " I said confidently keeping Navya behind me.

He just smiled which didn't reach his eyes and suddenly turned around to throw bloody eggs on me.

Bloody hell!!


My nandini is strong and confident. 

Doesn't take shit from anybody.

Their love started from massive attraction and lust for each other.

The story's beginning is similar to the show but after three -four chapters you will notice the difference.

Take a look. You won't be disappointed.

Warning: mature content. Some parts are private. For those chapter you have to follow me but you don't want to then leave those chapter

Hope you will like it.

Completed . 25/4/2017

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