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「 ᴘᴀɪɴ 」

「 ᴘᴀɪɴ 」

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˗ˏˋt r - a s h yˊˎ˗ By tr-ashy- Completed

[The Trilogy Of Beside You and Will You ❤️ Me Again?]

I fell to the ground, clutching my head.

["Laurance, give me my Laur-Bear," I giggle as he starts kissing my neck from behind.]

"F/N are you okay?" The blond shouted as he rushed to me side

["No," He said as he kept kissing me neck, now over to my shoulder.]

"F/N!!" The brownie rushed to me.

[He found my sweet spot as nibbled on it.]

"Fuck, is she having a headache?" Travis cursed.

[I let out a small moan before tugging lightly on his brown hair, then he let a small moan out.]

"You moron, Of course!" Brrownie shouted, frustrated to say the least.

["Babe, I didn't expect this coming from you," I coo.]

"Hey! I thought she was having a seizure!" The white head defended.

["Well you just fucking did," He chuckles as he continued leaving love bites on my shoulder and neck.]

"Of course you didn't know! You're a fucking moron Travis!" Brownie screamed again.

[He stopped completely when he left like 4 or 5 bite marks.]

"I am not a moron! You're so over protective over your girlfriend!" White head shouted at brownie.

["How many did you leave? Jeez, it feels like you left all those hickies everywhere," I giggle.]

"I am not over protective!" Brownie defended himself, both of them were on each others' necks right now.

["I left like 5, make that 6. I'm counting," He mumbled.]

"S-Stop..." I mumble, audible for them to stop.

["Okay, do you want to go to bed now?" I ask.]

"F/N, do you remember me?" Brownie asks.

["No, I wanna keep on kissing you," He kissed the love bites he left, they were gentle kisses, not the ones he just left.

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