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We're Mates. Not, Best Friends.

We're Mates. Not, Best Friends.

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jennivieve By jennivieve Completed

Vladimir and Alison have been best friends since they were born. Vladimir is 18 and Alison is 16. They know evrything about each other. Or so Alison thought. Vladimir is a soon to be alpha from his pack. Alison is his mate. He doens't tell Alison. Instead he just ends their friendship. He leaves and that's the last time Alison sees Vladimir. But, will Vladimir come back and tell Alison that she's his mate?

AlesiaMorgenstern AlesiaMorgenstern 4 days ago
Can I just say how much I love ur cover photo..Zac...Zac.  Zac.. He is such a Greek God *Swoon*
TrustYourDoctor TrustYourDoctor Aug 24, 2016
I love most things about this book, but there is one thing I can't stand. They never even talk about the fact that he screwed other girls(while she was in close proximity) even though he knew she was his mate and quote "loved her". That is an important missing piece of the story.
PineStrawberryGrape_ PineStrawberryGrape_ Aug 13, 2016
FTR.                                                                                                                                    Jamaican                                                                                                                             11:54pm
White_Tigress White_Tigress Nov 01, 2014
If you look at the book cover closly it looks like the guy ing the cover has a semi-hairy stomach. XD
JenCutTheCrap JenCutTheCrap Jul 31, 2014
A sharp pain in your heart and your knees if you fell down 
                              Really? Your like those people who punches wall when their angry! Was it worth falling down on your knees? What did you accomplish? When you can answer that and give me a valid answer then I'll shut up
JenCutTheCrap JenCutTheCrap Jul 31, 2014
Vladimir don't you walk out that door!
                              *he walks out the door 
                              Don't you close that door!
                              *he closes the door
                              Don't you get in that car!
                              *he gets in the car
                              I think we need a new plan of action...