Two Ice-creams [Camren]

Two Ice-creams [Camren]

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Everyday, Camila sat at the same bench in the same park with two ice-creams, waiting for someone who she knew would never come. 
And everyday, one ice-cream would melt; because Camila didn't have the heart to eat the ice-cream she was saving for that person. 

 Until one day, someone actually shows up to sit with her.


If this fic messes me up I'm gonna be mad because I only read camren smut now to spare me some heartbreak. I'm tRusTiNg yOu
Jessica- "I lost my aunt today, can't come to the party"
                              Rachel- "do you need me to come help you look for her?"
Because you saw something beautiful, on a park bench with the sun probably hitting perfectly looking all aesthetic and shít, so you went towards the ice cream
Whatever Lauren just because you heard Camila say that the ice cream was for her papi you thought she was calling you 😏😏😏😏 😂😂😂😂 Ok bye 👋🏼
well, here i am reading another one of your stories.... at least this one's completed ;)
Is it bad that at her sad remark about her Papi never all I could do was smirk, bc Lauren is hella Papi