The World Without Them || Original Pokémon Fanfiction

The World Without Them || Original Pokémon Fanfiction

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May 5 • BTS IN LA By UnisonRaider Completed

Long ago, a species called Pokémon inhabited every corner of the earth, from the depths of the ocean to the atmosphere. They roamed the fields and swam in ponds. They rested in trees and flew overhead. They even thrived alongside humans, or so research says.

The Pokémon then vanished without a trace. They left nothing behind except the technology that people had used to study them. Those machines now decorated museums all across the lone country named Inridia in order to immerse the population in the history of the world. The humans that lived during that same time period were also never seen or heard from again.

Frost Statice -- son of a wealthy politician and student at one of Inridia's most prestigious academies -- was skeptic to believe the old stories. He thought they were nothing more than myths, for how could such a race have existed in such an ordinary universe? 

But when Frost encounters one of the creatures first hand, his perspective is forced to change. To uncover the truth behind the Pokémon's disappearance, he must dig deep into the history of Inridia itself.


♔ 1st Place in the Adventure Category of the 2018 Pokémon Watty Awards
♔ Highest Ranking: #5 in Adventure, #5 in Action
♔ Best Protagonist, Most Deserving of a Sequel, and Pushing Boundaries in the 2018 Pokémon Watty Awards

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