707 x Reader Unfixable {Highschool AU}

707 x Reader Unfixable {Highschool AU}

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I need Serious help By Fandoms_and_shit Updated Oct 13, 2016

What if you and Seven got together in highschool!? Welp now this happened....seven is my bae no one can touch! 


~There will be abuse, self harm, hints at rape, suicidal thoughts and way more in this book. I am not trying to make any of these subjects light hearted! if you don't like any of those things I mention I suggest to read with caution. I'll try my best to warn you before the chapter starts.

QuinnjA QuinnjA Dec 26, 2016
WELP the parents are dead and I'm alone and sad hmmm ON WARDS
IM A VAMPIRE! This description reminds me of Sleepy Ash which he is BAE!!!
QuinnjA QuinnjA Dec 26, 2016
No one told me that y/n does self harm.... I didn't sign up for this..... BUT IMA READ IT ANYWAYS
LovelyTwilight LovelyTwilight Nov 28, 2016
She better be dead.
                              V is too much of an adorable marshmallow to be touched by that spawn of hell.
Kagamine__Twin Kagamine__Twin Dec 18, 2016
SH00K RIKA WHY DID U HAVE TO DIE!!!! *cries in a conner* R.I.P Rika T-T
FaithDoge FaithDoge Dec 28, 2016
My insomnia is caused by Mystic Messenger 
                              I woke up at 1:00 am for MM