707 x Reader Unfixable {Highschool AU}

707 x Reader Unfixable {Highschool AU}

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I need Serious help By Fandoms_and_shit Updated Oct 13

What if you and Seven got together in highschool!? Welp now this happened....seven is my bae no one can touch! 


~There will be abuse, self harm, hints at rape, suicidal thoughts and way more in this book. I am not trying to make any of these subjects light hearted! if you don't like any of those things I mention I suggest to read with caution. I'll try my best to warn you before the chapter starts.

She better be dead.
                              V is too much of an adorable marshmallow to be touched by that spawn of hell.
I saw this in new Mystic Messenger stories! I hope you end up making the first chapter soon! Hope you also have fun with writing!
Lol, she looks like me. I'm supposed to be starring at me I'm having a deja vu moment in the story
O.O I also think I forgot to mention earlier Jaehee was gonna be a girl
Would it be called insomnia if your body won't let you go to sleep until after midnight?