The boy named Phantom (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V manga)

The boy named Phantom (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V manga)

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Sora's fianceé ❤ By Tsukiko05 Completed

Based on the manga events...

So, Yuya is the phantom duelist who's chased by Reiji Akaba.

One girl named y/n who was running away from Reiji Akaba's men will be saved by the mysterious Phantom duelist. 

Knowing that y/n is in danger, Yuya, alongside with his other three personalities will protect y/n from Reiji and his men.

Each of them will have feelings for her. 
So, who will win y/n's heart?

Find out ^^

Skip a bit from the scales...^^

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BluebellxNightingale BluebellxNightingale Dec 15, 2017
I'm belong to someone else you damn red glasses. Let me go so I can punch your face to see who is the strongest!!!!
imperialknightEmily imperialknightEmily Jan 19, 2017
I don't know whether to be mad or over joyed that u never told ABOUT THIS