"Daddy" || j.b ✔️

"Daddy" || j.b ✔️

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Andy wasn't your ordinary teenager, she's been to hell and back. Her imagination runs wild, her mom a.k.a Gigi left when she was a baby and her dad is the only one taking care of her. Recently her father became an alcoholic, coming home drunk, bringing random girls home, sometimes laying hands on Andy. 

Everything changed when their neighbours finally call the police after Andy and her father get into a huge fight.

The police locate Andys birth mother with a struggle, but when they did Gigi gladly took her back. What Andy didn't know was that her mother remarried to a man that was so much younger than her.

Jai is the owner of a successful CEO company, he owns millions, billions. Thousands of girls are dying to be in bed with him,  and guys want to be him. Gigi and Jai are wanting to get a divorce because their marriage is going down the drain, but when Jai's eyes landed on Andy, he tried with Gigi. Not because he loved Gigi, it's because he wanted Andy to be his.

Andy's age: 16

Jai's age: 24

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ouhlalalax ouhlalalax Oct 09, 2016
I could tell that I would totally love this book, just by 'Daddy' and 'Jai'😂