The Demons within me.

The Demons within me.

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Me + Happiness = Never going to happen! - Me + Depression = Always Happening!   

I started this book of poems for a reason, that reason being I needed a outlet for my emotions.
My emotions are nearly always negative, because I have depression alongside quite a few other things that are specified in the first chapter of this book!

I hope this book can help bring people who have the same negative feelings together so we can all help and uplift one and other because at some point everyone needs a little help.

This book is not only poetry it's full of notes, really story's and poems.

I would say if you are triggered by talk of suicide, self harm and mental health not to read this!

#40 in poetry - 26/10/16

I'm so sorry I know how hard it is to live with all these things 😔
My daughter has all the same things as you. She's also Bi-polar type2
                              Stay strong and if you ever need to talk I'm here.
These poems are good I guess. Mind checking my Bad, sad poems I made its literally called that. I have about 5.7 K on my first one im making the second one fyi
Yea we both do. Now we can help each other out with this stuff :)
I have Anxiety, Depression, Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and self-hate as well :(
Hey, your poetry's nice. I'm 13 and I have low self-esteem and depression. It is good to use words as an escape. Keep writing and honing your skills ;)