fuckboy | joshler

fuckboy | joshler

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₴₮₳₦Đ ĐØ₩₦ By sleepytyler Updated 2 days ago

"i'd say everyone in this class probably has a type. an example, what do you find attractive about debby here, tyler?"

tyler scoffed, feeling josh's gaze, possessive of his girlfriend, burning into his skull.

"her boyfriend."

etherealminter etherealminter 6 days ago
is it wrong im lowkey imagining his ex boyfriend being matty healy because i always had a lowkey ship thing for them despite them probably not knowing each other idek don't ask
VylesRay VylesRay a day ago
"But you know what? I look cool. And that's why i'm here. I'm here to make sure everyone knows I'm a cool guy."
Am I the only one that see the peach and immediately think ok a huge a*s butt