Naruto [Reader X Various]

Naruto [Reader X Various]

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[Name] is different, well kind of. Her past is unknown and she wishes for nothing more than to be able to control her power and live a happy life. She is scared of harming those closest to her so she keeps all her power hidden.

[Reader-Insert: You will be apart of the actual Naruto story, but you will be taking your own journey.]

[I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. I am simply adding the reader in.]

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It looks like Mizuki is going to confess to Iruka, and Iruka is having a "Oh what a nice day" moment in every cliche romance anime and Naruto is shocked because he likes Iruka. I looked a bit too deep into it...
kani_204 kani_204 Jun 21
It looks like iruka is the child and mizuki is the mother giving him a scolding
Ed sheeran's song 'Photograph' is so perfect in this pic...still Im cryin'😢😢😢
Its funny because the only reason he won was because he had so many clones because at that point Naruto wasn't the best fighter.
fuckingkami fuckingkami May 23
Nooo I’m literally crying just seeing this no kidding I’m literally crying
Technically naruto isn't the ninetailed fox technically he is the deal that saved all yo lives