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Mystreet RP

Mystreet RP

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❤️The Heartsmith ⚒ By UnluckyTeen678 Updated Nov 15, 2016


Katie_X_D Katie_X_D Nov 02, 2016
Name: Levy 
                              Age: 19
                              Looks: Blue hair and purple eyes 
                              Species: Half Demon
                              Like: Hanging out, Hacking, Reading, Nature
                              Dislikes: Bad people, Bullies 
                              Crush: Aaron
Name: Callie 
                              Age: 20 
                              Gender: female 
                              Looks: long blonde hair blue eyes pale skin a nose ring 
                              Species: Tsundere, (i count that as a species) 
                              Likes: unknown 
                              Dislikes: unknown 
                              Personality: Strong Jittery Kinda Flirty mean most of the time 
                              Crush:: "gah!!! T that baka-taco?!?" Laurence
___Enderplier___ ___Enderplier___ Nov 28, 2016
                              Can I tag you in what she wears? Dark purple hair and eyes
                              Sweets, food, books, drawing, nature 
                              Quiet, easily trusting, calm most of the time
Rova234 Rova234 Oct 31, 2016
Name: Meghan
                              Age: 20  
                              Looks: aubrun hair.wears blue all the time. Has brown eyes 
                              Species: mermaid 
                              Likes: hanging around with friends, telling friends about the sea, 
                              Dislikes: evil sirens, cheaters, players, mean people, bad serins
KellinQuinnismyQueen KellinQuinnismyQueen Nov 16, 2016
Terria Valcrum
                              Looks like Travis but genderbent  and wears red glasses
                              Dancing , Playing the violin dislikes:Her nightmares
                              Personally: She is Very shy and Is always around her older brother 
                              Crush: Zane
                              Other: She has terrible nightmares with gives her the fear of sleeping alone
- - Nov 25, 2016
Name: Insane
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: male
                              Looks: black hair, red eyes, black shirt, red jacket, jeans, sneakers
                              Species: human
                              Likes: find out
                              Dislikes: find out
                              Personality: find out
                              Crush: aph