My Daddy, Mr. Tomlinson (Larry Stylinson Daddy,Student/Teacher FanFic)

My Daddy, Mr. Tomlinson (Larry Stylinson Daddy,Student/Teacher FanFic)

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Samar Nasir By Summer1245 Updated Dec 23, 2016

Harry Styles is a curious, sweet, kind, charming, innocent, smart, caring, shy and sensitive 13 year old. He's in his 9th year and his Daddy is his teacher. At school Harry calls Louis "Mr. Tomlinson" and at home he calls him "Daddy." Harry is always well behaved and always trying to please.
Harry has three best mates, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. They are all caring and protective of Harry, mostly because of his height.

Harry's life is full of surprises and always exciting, at least, to him. He thinks of it as his little adventure. It's hard having your Daddy as a teacher. He's very strict but also very kind and caring. Harry loves his Daddy and will do anything to keep him happy and proud. 

Harry is a sweet, small lad. He's hyper, cheery, sweet, caring, funny, fun to be around, smart. sensitive and sometimes very shy. He is always trying to please everyone and make them smile.

 But Harry has many secrets that he tries to hide. From his Daddy, and his best mates. What happens when these little secrets slip out and his loved ones find out? What will his Daddy think of him? What will his best mates think of him?

Will everything be alright or will things keep going wrong?

Iarrystylinson_ Iarrystylinson_ Sep 14, 2016
Louis-Twinklinson Louis-Twinklinson Mar 25, 2016
Incest,eh? I'm not a big fan of incest, because it's creepy, butttt if it's Larry stylinson, I'm in
gallabitch gallabitch May 04, 2016
Nope I only do Larry,Ziam, and Zouis , none of this Zarry shît
HarryStylesGrl4Ever HarryStylesGrl4Ever Sep 22, 2016
Sorry but I like all ships. Larry is just my fave as well as Narry
Another-fangirl- Another-fangirl- Sep 28, 2016
*Dramatic opening of stage curtains* Troye Sivan in the back* LOVE IS SO GOOD WHEN.. LOVE IS YOUNG...
- - Jan 09, 2016
In the description, you said harrys 13 and in 9th grade, he would only be a 7th grader