The Girl with Pigtails

The Girl with Pigtails

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運命 By Rival_x_ Updated Dec 14, 2018

The blonde rubbed her head, wincing as pain radiated from where she ran into something. "Ow..." She droned, before peeking an eyes open upwards at the boy she had ran into. "G−Gomen."

Instead of receiving a forgiveness glance she was met with another snotty remark from the boy, "Tch. Watch where you're going next time."

Anger bubbled up inside the blonde before she rose to her feet. "I told you to move out the way! Didn't you hear me shouting?! Everyone else did!"


"Ugh!" She said before clenching her fist with a tight grip. Her next move shocked everyone in sight. Her fist landed onto the Uchiha's head, bringing him down to meet with nature's floor. 

She then proceeded to stomp away grumbling something about people thinking they are always higher than everyone else, leaving the Uchiha in his own thoughts. 

"D−Did that just happen?" He thought as he watched her stomp away.

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