I'm an Elemental Wolf

I'm an Elemental Wolf

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Andrea ^_^ By angelsweetx34x Updated Jan 14, 2012

Kaiya was shunned all her life. Treated like a freak, a loser. One day she found her mate, the guy that would love her no matter what, right? WRONG. Kaiya's mate rejected her because everyone said she was a freak, he even said he didn't want a mate that wasn't even hot.  She was beyond mad, that's when she discovered her new abilities. Her abilities gave her her eyesight back, but got her banished from the pack.

A week after being shunned, she finds another mate. But how can she have another one? It turns out she is an Elemental Wolf, and so is her new mate, Damian.

Three years later her life is great, Damian loves her and her best friend, Raven is always by her side. Then one fateful day she is reunited with her old pack and that also means Carson. How will they treat the new Kaiya? What will happen with Carson?

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wallace6060 wallace6060 Jul 08, 2016
Omg that is halarious! I love it you just connected the two best things hot guys and bacon😍
NightshadeDreams NightshadeDreams Oct 04, 2016
Makin pancakes makin bacon pancakes take some bacon and you put it in a pancake
ivmm-1117 ivmm-1117 Dec 01, 2015
Lmao at the end 'Good bye and good riddance'
                              I remember saying this...
                              Friend: Good bye T^T
                              Friend: Good luck T^T
                              Me: Pffffft... GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Nah jk ill miss u
                              Bff: ToT UR SO MEAN *hug*
TheSlayingQueen TheSlayingQueen Oct 17, 2015
You know, for a second there I thought they asked for her name.... Hmm.. I must be wrong
4567891re 4567891re Dec 31, 2012
OMG! This is like my fav book in wattpad 
                              I totallllyyy love it:) I almost forgot 
                              UPDATE SOOOOON!
Angela-F-Bryant Angela-F-Bryant Jan 04, 2012
Awww it goes to show you family does not mean you need to have the same DNA. Hugs and Blessings