She's Mine

She's Mine

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_FvckShit_ By _FvckShit_ Updated Dec 18, 2016

Cover by; @kamtheweirdo❤️

❌DISCLAIMER‼️: Y'all should know by now, this is a lesbian STUDXSTUD book, don't like don't read.❌


16 year old Aydin is the type of person everyone wants to be friends with. She's chill, funny, nonjudgmental, and she protects her own. She's the ideal friend. 

There is however something slightly unusual about her. She likes studs. She finds them immensely attractive and once she finds one she likes she won't go down without a fight. 

What will happen when she falls for the school mute, Aiyana?


16 year old Aiyana is what you'd call the perfect target. She's small, shy, sweet, and silent. Literally. 

She's been mute since the 5th grade after a tragic incident changed her life forever. She's tried numerous times to speak, but for some reason she just can't. 

What will happen when she meets the loud, popular Aydin?


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luv_kyra luv_kyra Nov 18, 2016
My mom dont yell she give dat look first then my dad comes outta nowhere and yells
GambiinoLove GambiinoLove Nov 26, 2016
My school got hella syke-a-dykes and wanna be gangstas and lames
Swaidx Swaidx Dec 22, 2016
They need to come to my 🏫😂😂😂.We only have a population of 5%LGBT. We need more. I need to be thirsty 6/5.
renni_the_bitch renni_the_bitch Nov 12, 2016
Every one on here be from south Carolina and I'm just like....... Yeah I'm from the Bronx........
theoringnal_kay theoringnal_kay Nov 19, 2016
Jesus Christ, so calling our children pendeja's now??? This was not common knowledge...
__Almighty __Almighty Oct 10, 2016