Let me stay (destiel college AU)

Let me stay (destiel college AU)

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It was summer and Dean, Sam, and Sam's girlfriend, Jessica, decided to take a trip down to Florida for a week.

Dean's POV

"Hey Sam, you and Jess all packed up?" Dean asked walking into their apartment room. "Yeah, give us one sec." Sam replied.

Dean headed out to his car, spotting Lisa waiting. "Hey," Dean said walking up to her and wrapping his arms around her. "are you sure you don't want to come?" Dean whispered, looking into her eyes. "Yeah, I have to stay and run my shop." She replied.

Sam walked out holding all of his and Jess' bags. Dean watched as he put them in the trunk of the impala. "Alright." Dean said kissing her. "You be good, ok?" Lisa said hugging him. "Ok," Dean replied.

Dean gave her one last kiss then got into his car.

"Florida here we come!" Dean yelled as he started his car. "You guys ready?" Dean asked looking at Jess, who was in the back seat, then at Sam who was in shotgun. "yes" Jess replied for them, and they took off.

It took two days to get ther...

bookismlp bookismlp Mar 18
Bi bi Lisa!
                              Ya see what I did there? No? Oh.... Okay then....
Awwwwwe cas Why you probably working at hooters?(no offende to anyone who does.)
That really cute not cliche or anything i think it is very unique
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              Dean likes boys
                              And so do you
rhaspodies rhaspodies May 03, 2016
*calls yellow eyed demon* yeah, two girls. nice and crispy for me.
singingpuddle singingpuddle Apr 10, 2016
And lisa is in it... Good to know... Good to know (oh honey... You aint gon be with him at the end of all this)