Magnetic Hearts

Magnetic Hearts

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Jenna but that's classified information =P By AuroraRush Updated Jul 16, 2011

Is it love or is it just another lie?
Stuck in an elevator with your complete opposite... What would you do?

Brianna "Ria" Reese Taylor and Tyler Johnson could not be more different. One a girl and the other a boy but each with a dream of their own. 

While Ria, a rich private school girl, hopes to finish High School and save the world, Tyler, a recently graduate of an boys’ public school, longs to be free... But not before he helps to save his family from despair.

When fate causes this unlikely pair to meet will they realize that maybe they're a little too different or will their lives entwine forever?

And to think this all started with five hours in an elevator...

Thanks to XxSimplyJJxX for the awesome cover =D

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OliveJuuiice OliveJuuiice Oct 28, 2011
Ohmygosh!!! My name is Brianna and people call me "Bria",,,,so i know i have to read this,,,,thank you for another great addition to my library
samanthaaaaa samanthaaaaa Jun 05, 2011
this is amazing! I wish I cold write poetry... but I'm hopeless. I voted :)
BrionyHeneberry BrionyHeneberry May 16, 2011
I think the poem would be more effective if it was not spaced out the way it is. Too much scrolling means I have to break the reading rhythm.
soccerpunk_0414 soccerpunk_0414 May 09, 2011
Wow!! THIS IS AMAZING :O I Liiiiiike it :O u are an excellent poet and an awesome writer...
AuroraRush AuroraRush Jan 14, 2011
@Zara101 Aw, thank you, Nae =} that means a lot! I'm glad you like it =} And with regards to the 4 votes, we're almost there but not quite =P Now it's just up to one reader =}
ShanaeT ShanaeT Jan 13, 2011
Hey hey you you, you better start writing cause there is nearly 5 votes I was just the.4th :P hahahahhaha and I absolutely love this!!!!! I can't wait to read more of it:P p.s the poem is absolutely brilliant as I probs already told you!!!