My Sleeping Beauty

My Sleeping Beauty

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Harlequin By Dreamer4evah Updated Aug 11, 2017

Louis is a werewolf and soon to be alpha.And he didn't find his mate,yet.Actually he doesn't want to find his mate.Why?He is afraid of getting rejected.

When Louis was 17 he fell is love with a girl.He loved her so much that he was even thinking about marrying her.But,his family and friends were saying that he wasn't suppose to marry her, 'cause she wasn't his mate.He got angry,she loved her girlfriend and didn't care if she wasn't his mate.Then,he started hating his mate for being between him and the girl he loved.

One day Louis' heart got crushed.He saw her,the love of his life,cheating on him.And when she confronted her saying that he loved her,and that wanted to marry her,she rejected him.She never really loved him.And that's when he stopped believing in love.And didn't want to find his mate because he had this idea that his mate was going to reject him and break his heart.

So,while his friends were happy with their mates or going around the coutry to find their mates,Louis' was...