Love you like woe

Love you like woe

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This is book 2 of 'Love or Friendship?'!

Karma returned from his long trip after 6 years from being apart from Nagisa,He was now 20 years old
One day,he was walking down a street when he entered a café nearby.As he was just about to take a bite of his sandwhich a girl with blue hair,azure eyes and pale skin asked him

"May I seat here?"

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raptordragon raptordragon Dec 12, 2017
I'm just gonna say I thought the title of the story was ' I love you you whore: 
                              Idk why but.....Bye__
SophieVsTheKrulWorld SophieVsTheKrulWorld Nov 13, 2017
*after the last book* Me:whatislife (later) *THROWS PHONE ACCROSS ROOM* HOLY S****! picks up phone *kisses phone* im sorry my dear darling now...LEMME READ! *attempts to open phone* wh-wha....NOOOOOOOOOO (JK THIS WAS MY LEGINAMATE NIGHTMARE )
karmagi_trash karmagi_trash Oct 07, 2016
whatdoidowithlife whatdoidowithlife Oct 07, 2016
I was close to crying by the end of the last book but then this appears outta nowhere
coeursque coeursque Oct 07, 2016
The moment you have been waiting for...
                              Sorry I'm just waiting for the next chapter XD
Hikari_Asami Hikari_Asami Oct 27, 2016
i wanna squel so bad but my cousin and my sis would hear me and think im crazy so i jusy keep ot to myself BUT ITS SO HARD MUST CONTAIN FANGIRL SQUELS