Love you like woe

Love you like woe

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This is book 2 of 'Love or Friendship?'!

Karma returned from his long trip after 6 years from being apart from Nagisa,He was now 20 years old
One day,he was walking down a street when he entered a café nearby.As he was just about to take a bite of his sandwhich a girl with blue hair,azure eyes and pale skin asked him

"May I seat here?"

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karma: *hugs nagisa from behind* im sorry for askinh about your mother nagisa:cries me:*eyes tear up* WHY AM I SO EMOTIONAL TOWARDS THESE BERRIES?! (strawberry and blueberry)
*after the last book* Me:whatislife (later) *THROWS PHONE ACCROSS ROOM* HOLY S****! picks up phone *kisses phone* im sorry my dear darling now...LEMME READ! *attempts to open phone* wh-wha....NOOOOOOOOOO (JK THIS WAS MY LEGINAMATE NIGHTMARE )
YumiAyshi YumiAyshi Aug 16
gas he in America he has a cooler name i mean karma vs Billy  like realy karma!
Nagisa:soo umm...(insert random country) me: *thinks of spongebobdoodlebob episode..* FINLANDDDD
karmagi_trash karmagi_trash Oct 07, 2016
stupid_fangirlDS stupid_fangirlDS Oct 09, 2016
At first I wish she death, but she changed make me wish she could still alive *crying*