Gotham High

Gotham High

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magcon12suicide By magcon12suicide Updated Nov 20

"Harley, you and Jack have been friends since you two escaped your mother's womb." Ivy says to me as we sit on my bed in my dorm.

I sigh and look away from my phone and raise my eyebrow at her. "So? we're bestfriends." I say shrugging my shoulders like it's no big deal.

"But it is! You guys need to admit your feelings for one another already and date!" Eddie says getting in the conversation.

I bite my lip and look down at my chipped red nails. Jack and I were just friends. partners in crime to be exact. but that was just it.

we couldn't be more than friends, could we?


S_C_o_N S_C_o_N Oct 08
Not too sure about the tanning part, but I agree with everything else
Yep I hate it then you have to walk all the way across the room to close the door and all the way back again
Weed?But,I thought the Joker needs to be concious so he can make cool quotes so we can post them on Instagram....
I thought you were just friends nothing more. 
                              Besides smoking buddies/friends
stormchacer stormchacer Nov 02
No no Mrs. Quinnzel 
                              She not going to a funeral, she's going to hell
                              (aka school)
I am :) and I hope you continue because I am really enjoying it! Sorry I only just got round to reading it <3