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He's My Mate! (Student/Teacher)

He's My Mate! (Student/Teacher)

9.9M Reads 229K Votes 52 Part Story
K. Peace By akeelah Completed

Jonathan Garner, ordinary high school Chemistry teacher, is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Julia. Life for the couple is as blissful as they had hoped it would be, until the mysterious Charlene Craig and her mother arrive in town. 
Jonathan finds himself drawn to Charlene in ways he fails to decipher. Try as he may to keep his distance from her, he can't seem to keep his hands to himself whenever he's around the young Miss Craig. The two share an explosive attraction from the minute she walks into his class, but reality seem to be opposing the uncontrollable attraction between the two. A story of love, passion, forbidden romance and werewolves.

ewwww omg thats so embarrassing. i have this one bff and shes always like "i love that shirt on him omg" to our home room teacher.
                              and my homeroom teacher was talking about how to get abs a student and i slipped and choked in mid air. not literally
queen903 queen903 Feb 08
She is making me cringe so hard right now , and she seems annoying
im triggered so deeply rn.
                              dont mess with Canadians. we will bring the french and the british into this. america sucks cheese sticks
ImShookO_o ImShookO_o a day ago
I'm sorry but you might accidentally walked into the wrong house
ImShookO_o ImShookO_o a day ago
I'm gonna marry food
                              I'm awkward asf
                              I'm obsessed with werewolf stories
                              I got two siblings
                              Andy favourite animal is wolf too xD
I think he is a stalker am i the only one who thinks that's creepy