Hunter Academy - Book 1

Hunter Academy - Book 1

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Tina Jones By TinaJones279 Updated Jan 13

Jessica Matthews is a young college student, about to start her final year at Mizzou. After a night out with her friends before senior year starts, they are assaulted on their way back to their car, with tragic results.

After the death of her best friend, she starts having strange and terrifying things happen to her. After a particularly bad event, she meets three insanely gorgeous FBI agents, but not is all as it seems with the group.

Dane Richardson, Samuel Thompson, and Leo Saunders are part of the Supernatural Division of The Academy. Even most of The Academy don't  know about them. It's their job to take care of the things that go bump in the night, when a case pops up in their own back yard.

After meeting Jessica, it's hard for the guys to stay focused on the case, and they need to be, as it's something they've never come across before.

Will the guys be able to put their feelings aside long enough to save Jessica, and kill this demon?

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9CorazonesOcultos 9CorazonesOcultos Aug 24, 2017
I know what's going to happen because I'm smart and read the summary, so now I'm sad and terrified to read on. I'M ALREADY ATTACHED TO THESE CHARACTERS NOOOOO!
KelliBlackburn KelliBlackburn Feb 28, 2017
When I first looked at the cover I thought it was union station but I thought nah couldn't be! Love it!
anon2404 anon2404 Oct 08, 2016
I bet every single one of us reading  related to this comment.
JalizaBurwell JalizaBurwell Oct 08, 2016
Aw I love it! I love her thoughts and the relationships with her friends! Thank you for updating and excited to read more!
KelliBlackburn KelliBlackburn Feb 28, 2017
Lol anytime I read a book and recognize the places it's weird for me!
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Oct 08, 2016
I already love these characters! They're fun, and remind me of my besties back in the day!