Servamp LichtxHyde Short Fanfics (Accepting Prompts)

Servamp LichtxHyde Short Fanfics (Accepting Prompts)

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SerenaWLunacia By ivLavete Updated Jan 23

I'm creating a collection of LichtxHyde fanfics that I will be writing. You can leave a request/prompt that you want to see a story of. Just message or comment. I might not be a good writer but I'll do my best. 

Sfw requests only and maybe some fluff. 

Btw: I named Gluttony and Wrath what I thought would fit them. 
Gluttony is named Schwein(Pig in German bc his animal form is a...pig :^D Ba dum tis') 
Wrath is named Aki, just bc I like that name. If they have an official name yet, I may change it. 

Licht and Hyde belong to Servamp and are not characters of mine. Including the other Servamps and Eves or whatever characters.

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                              WELCOME TO MY—*slapped*
                              CANDY STOOOOOOOORE!
I can't belive that Hyde's age is more than two or three hundred years old . Can't belive !
                              And now, Licht will see the sparkles around his face and realize...
Oh sh—
                              Licht, I love you, but don't you dare hurt my big bro or else I'll kill you.
ChrysaIatraki ChrysaIatraki Oct 10, 2016
Kyaah~ ur works r really great!! keep up the good job!!(✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゜
somuriandiesha somuriandiesha Oct 15, 2016
Such a abusive relationship. And look at the cuss words missy!!....😏😏we're going to have a talk about that.