A Model & A Singer{L.S}

A Model & A Singer{L.S}

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Larry stylinson By stylinsonpride Updated Jan 08

The one where Harrys a singer and does world tours (OTRA shows) his a charming young lad at the age of 22 he has successfully taken over the world faster than anyone ever has. The young teenaged girls and boys adore him, some claiming him and calling him daddy while others called him their boyfriend. He had come out as being gay and gotten even more popular than he ever was. 

The one where Louis is a model. He models for adidas clothes, shoes, hats you name it. His small, very small and short and cute, bein at the age of 23. His a small hedgehog. All girls and boys want him. Having. The perfect body, face, hair and style but none of them interest him as much. 

But what happens when Louis decides to go to one if Harrys concerts in Sydney? 
What happens when Harry immediately wants Louis as his?
What happens when Harry takes Louis back to his hotel? 
What happens when Louis what's Harry just as much as Harry wants Louis? 


Read to find out more!

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When you learn she's a vampire but your not about that life😂😂😂
gingerstaub12 gingerstaub12 Oct 11, 2016
I love this book it is really good so far keep up the good work
- - Oct 08, 2016
IKR?! Why does people have to judge a person even if they don't know them personally.
-TheActualLucifer- -TheActualLucifer- Dec 14, 2016
A lot of people don't like him because 
                              1. He doesn't respect his fans very much
                              2. Celebrities who met him, said he was a prick
                              3. He does stupid things
- - Oct 08, 2016
Why do I imagine one of his security guards as Liam 😂😂😂