Lisa and Lena line between hate and sisters

Lisa and Lena line between hate and sisters

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lisalenaxoxo By lisalenaxoxo Updated Oct 07, 2016

Lisa: waking up this morning I slip  my hearing aids onto my ears and rush to get ready. Today will be the first day going to school . Well to a real school with my twin sister Lena. For the first time since I lost my hearing I'll been in a class with more than just myself . For the past 2 years I've been homeschooled by my older brother jace ..... it's been a hard time adjusting to less than 25% hearing and learning to sign ASL . 
Lena : Lisa are you ready for school (Lena signs) 
Lisa: Yeah .... I hold out a blue shirt and a white (signing to Lena ) which one ???? Lena : pointing to the blue she tells me to hurry up . 
Lisa : with the little bit of hearing I still have, I have to read Lenas lips when she talks. Most times Lena doesn't sign . 😕hurts a little but I'm to nervous about school today to think about it.

Lena : Jace is here .lets go  Both: pick up there bags and head to there brothers truck.  Tell me what you guys think in the comments ..................... in the beginnin...

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