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ninja GO By aphcookie Updated Nov 20

Yuri On Ice, more like Yaoi In Hell.

I made this, as a place for where I can talk about the latest episodes, artwork etc. 

Let us all be pulled into yet another fandom full of sin ^.^

Ashley042605 Ashley042605 5 days ago
Dude, did you even read what kind of story this is? Genre: Sports, Shounen ai
AshriaX AshriaX 7 days ago
Urm. Are you sure your ready to write a story if u dont really KNOW the characters that well? X3
Ashley042605 Ashley042605 5 days ago
OH HELL NAH!! It's #Victuri, my OTP! Viktor and Yuri shall be married! Though I wonder who the uke and the seme will be... Is the uke Yuri and Viktor is the seme, or the other way around?
ToMuchRomance ToMuchRomance 3 days ago
*credit does not go to me*
                              He goes from: hey sir very nice to meet you.
                              To: Victor calls me daddy to.
Omg omg omg *-*
                              Btw plz ame a yuri plisetsky x reader plz ;-;
EmLyMe EmLyMe Oct 10
Hue hue hue I need more gay sports in my life right now though