Saved by the Mafia

Saved by the Mafia

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L.M.S. By lenaxlei Updated Dec 29, 2017

Book two of the Code of Silence Series

Everything's changed. No one can be trusted. 

Everything was a lie. 

No, EVERYONE is a liar. 

No, that isn't right either. 

When Avalon is saved by the Mafia from the the Russians, her life took another turn for the worst. But this time, it may not be something she could come back from. When relationships and trust are on the line, the biggest question is, what will come of them when betrayal and bloodshed are an everyday occurrence?

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Thoetic Thoetic Dec 25, 2017
god dont fkn do this to me Lena update this damned book. they say curiosuty killed the cat, currently ur driving be 6 feet under w/ this bs ITS FREAKING 3AM I STAYED YP TO FINISH THE FIRST BOOK CUZ I COULDNT SLEEP W/ MA THOUGHTS
freshleebabygiirl freshleebabygiirl Dec 02, 2017
Omg like I read the first book in TWO DAYS. OMG LIKE IM SO TENSE RIGHT NOW UGGGAH 😩💜
sfiies sfiies Dec 13, 2017
I read the first book in one day. Now I'm hooked! I need to know how everything goes ! 😍😢🙈