My Brother's Friend

My Brother's Friend

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KayyLoveeee By KayyLoveeee Updated Oct 03

Remaking this story, but the characters are the same. 

Excuse any mistakes.


"Wake up." Sixteen year old Dawson whispers to his seventeen year old sister, Ashlyn. "Nigga, wake up." He turns to his fifteen year old brother. "Quinn, I think she's dead."

"Bruh, you're not even waking her up like a real nigga is supposed to." Quinn says. "You gotta pounce on her ass."

"Aight, then." Dawson walks to Ashlyn's room door, then runs and jumps on top of her.

"Dammit, Dawson! What in the hell is wrong with you?! Get your musty ass off of me!" Ashlyn yells.

"Wake up. Its the last day of school." Dawson tells her.

"And?" Ashlyn says.

"We gotta see the fights." Dawson says as he gets out of the bed. He snatches the pink cover from his sister's body. "Get up, Ash."

"Ok, damn." Ashlyn says.

Eighteen year old Raymond walks into Ashlyn's room with his cap and gown on. "Good morning my little brothers and sister. Make sure y'all have a good last day at Decatur High School where I am an alumni...

QveenNellie QveenNellie Oct 09
I am so wrong for this but when I read the part where Raymond and the other one gave him a taste of his own medicine I thought they had sex with him
                              Lord help my troubled mind
I feel bad buh that's how niggas really are well most of them are there any good niggas in dis world 😡
madpetty madpetty Jun 30
This Is Really #SibilingsGoals Because My Family & I Don't Get Along For Shït
Jxices_ Jxices_ Jul 28
This the part where my daddy woulda been buying me somethin😛
ItzMeTy ItzMeTy Aug 23
danngg so ma duckes just popped her thang back to back for a real nigga huh
QveenNellie QveenNellie Oct 09
All a y'all talking bout yo brother would've fought him my brother would've been like "her?????? Nigga u blind asf if u thought she was fine u need some glasses or smn'