Started with a kiss (Jungkook x reader)

Started with a kiss (Jungkook x reader)

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-Short story-

you are the queenka of the school altho you werent really interested in that title. You were only the queenka because you are the richest girl in school and also the prettiest. You had a lot of boys waiting in line for you, but you werent interested in them or even having a boyfriend. But one day your world turned upside down because of a encounter with one drunk guy who stole your first kiss.

Cover made by : @GoldenMaknae_21

    Jann31204 Jann31204 Apr 25
    when i meet my eyes with someone i know
                                  me: dafoq do you want biatch
                                  i know im savage sorreh ;-;
    KOOKIE , MY FIRST KISS! Jokes , XD , he isnt my first kiss.. My teddy waas lol
    Jordyia Jordyia May 15
    Story:"...filled with hope."
                                   Me: The names Hope. J-Hope. Ha. BTS puns
    Im in the airport and Im trying to not smile because that attracts attention in an airport 😫😄
    If Jungkook tried to kiss me, would I pull away?! HELL NO XD LMAO
    Why why are you shaking up my heart girl * sings and dance boy in luv*