Love song for a beast {M/M}

Love song for a beast {M/M}

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Laura R. Black By Lun_Atic Updated Mar 12, 2017

When Gabriel Angelo opened his eyes he found himself in a dark basement. His arms were tied above his head and feet barely touching the ground. His naked body was blooded and bruised. Moving was a pain, thinking was a torture, so the only thing he could do was helplessly look around the room. His gaze fell upon a metal cage, generally used to keep dangerous wild animals. Memories from ten years ago flooded his mind making him remember something he once forgot...

Victor Cabrera is a mystery - one of the richest people in the country, only known from his very generous donations to charities. Nobody knows where he comes from or where he got his fortune from. He rarely appears in public unless it's an invitation from higher ups or other aristocrats inviting him to a special event. He is a saint to the ones he helped and he is a menace to the one who are threatened by his capabilities.

Women always surround him wherever he goes; even though he is gentle and charming with all of them, he chose none. The rumours spread that he is still grieving after his late wife. 'Good man' and 'a man with heart of gold' that's what people called him, but nobody knew his secret.

Nobody knew about the room in the basement and what was hidden behind the closed door...

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ediot69 ediot69 Oct 23, 2016
Am I the only one who read his dads name as Lord A-hole and was just like . . . yeah Imma gonna go with that XD
lunner101 lunner101 Aug 02, 2014
WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely love it so far, you're so talented :)
Annie-Hall Annie-Hall Feb 20, 2014
it's an intriguing chapter i must say
                              i wonder what will happen next!
LovlynBeautiful LovlynBeautiful Dec 23, 2013
I really like your style of writing and I can't wait to read this!
RoRoThraw RoRoThraw Dec 21, 2013
I really like your writing style! And the story is really interesting so far. I like it ^^
Shortie_K Shortie_K Nov 22, 2013
By how the chapter is told and how the characters speak in going to guess that they are in the older years, but the summary makes me think otherwise... Idk