yuri on ice x reader ➸ oneshots

yuri on ice x reader ➸ oneshots

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♡ By milkikoi Updated Mar 21

I see you've been dragged down in ice skating hell too? Then let's indulge in it together with one shots with our favourite characters!


#6 in FanFic ;  04/11/2016

Could contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Note; I'm relatively new to this fandom so things could be slightly inaccurate bUT WHO CARES!

To either your fortune or dismay I have a little-big crush on Seung-gil so there may be more of his scenario's than the others

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- - Jul 26
My life has changed since i watched YOI...*cue flashbacks* now, every time I see some form of cat print I burst into tears and whenever I see 2 rings I want to say, "congrats of your marriage!"
Jump2000 Jump2000 Feb 06
im with you, but before i watched yuri on ice i thought it was two gay lesbians in a intimate relationship who ice skate  because yuri is the same thing as yaoi but girls XD sorry if i broke u minds
--miya-- --miya-- Dec 24, 2016
twf i was giggling awkwardly and stroking the screen and my mom grabbed my phone and threw and started to hug me like "your not leaving my side"
NamiDehPotato NamiDehPotato Dec 14, 2016
Totally not gonna take a screenshot..Print it..Make a shrine..:3...Eheeee~
Rachiplier21 Rachiplier21 Dec 30, 2016
I just finished watching Yuri on Ice today and I don't regret watching it, I love it so much
zillarocks zillarocks Dec 05, 2016
I have advise for anyone with depression...
                              Use heelies to escape feelies