The Blood of Wolves (Book 1)

The Blood of Wolves (Book 1)

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Musical Lioness By Anonymous_115 Updated 3 days ago

The cover above was made by @Lyssagirl7686
2 packs joined by tragedy
2 wolves joined by a bond
2 different species with a common enemy
1 legend thought to be myth
And 1 wolf to save them all

Meet 17-year-old she-wolf, Lilyanna Reed or most commonly known as Lily, the youngest daughter of the Alpha of her pack. She is what you would consider a tomboy and as her father puts it, "an irresponsible teenage girl." 

But how can she help it when she lives in a house that has more males than females. Lily is perceived by many as a sassy, confident and brave girl with a temper. She also shares her head with a wolf with the same characteristics; however also has a violent tendency. 

To her, life is great. There is nothing she would want to change. But this is all about to change very quickly. Lily will have to deal with a mate bond she isn't too thrilled about, an unknown murderer that is going around killing wolves and a legend that is turning out to be more myth than truth.

Considering it's your first book the writing is pretty good.