My Life as a High School Stripper [LGBT]

My Life as a High School Stripper [LGBT]

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[Gay Fiction]

[Disclaimer: I wrote this a few years ago, so it's not the best. If you see any errors and or anything that could possibly be wrong or offensive then please let me know. I was in high school when I wrote this and my writing was quite immature and faulty back then. Please and thank you.]

 Sweetheart Florence is a teenage boy who lives in the creepy town of Skull Valley, where crime is normal and freaks roam. Sweetie lives day by day, facing the raids of citizens and potential capture of his cute ass. It's all normal for Sweetheart, but then he meets Caesar Montgomery, a mysterious man feared and admired by the citizens of his town. Caesar always leaves Sweetheart with a new feeling, constantly leaving an eerie and mysterious impression on that boy.

guys watch out this bisexual demi sexual obviously wants to fvck everyone
Siggi_so Siggi_so May 17
I'm on the second paragraph and it is BLOWING my mind just how offensive this is.
This is...offensive...but i will give you the benefit of the doubt and continue on. So...make me proud.
Actually the only way the entire town could be pansexual is if they would have sex with trans/genderfluids/demiguys and girls/ etc and I doubt a town like that would have a lot not trying to be sexist or anything
leigh251 leigh251 Jan 26
How is that pansexual? I am pan and that's not how was are. I'm sorry for commenting this but that's not what we are.
NoirMonehrah NoirMonehrah Nov 30, 2015
Oh, lol, I just saw the title and failed at stifling a laugh XD