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Travis X Reader lemons

Travis X Reader lemons

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Hey_Itz_Katelyn_ By Hey_Itz_Katelyn_ Updated Oct 11, 2016

F/C - favorite color
S/F/C - Second Favorite Color
Y/N - your name
S/T - Show type (high heels sneakers nikes Jordan's KDS)
Your POV
You awere in your room changing into your F/C top and started to look for your ripped blue jean shorts when Travis came in your room and saw u in your shirt and S/F/C panties, U blushed as u yelled and threw your S/T shoes at him "G-GET OUT TRAVIS!!!" "BAKA!!!!!!" Travis groaned, "u shouldn't have done that Y/N" he said as he turned demon form "T-Travis?! W-WHAT ARE YOU D-DOING!!!! You said as he slammed u against the wall and pinned you to the wall , Of course u blushed at that movement, "T-Travis....please....don't do this I know your in there...please...."  Travis smirked "Travis isn't here right now Y/N" You squirmed as Travis started kissing you, It was wrong but felt so right so you melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around Travis' neck, "Good girl" Travis said in his Demon voice you love, he ran his toungue on your bottom lip asking for yo...

Then Travis stuck his whole fist in me!! How is that possible?!
Travis:you shouldn't have done that. 
                              Me:Is this a Ben drowned lemon or a Travis lemon
I throw the chancla at Travis at the start lol so aphmau's mom moment 😂😂
* read the title and remembers when Dan.H said B-ach please! XD*
Msweirdjane Msweirdjane Jun 15
He stuck his whole fist in my vagina.....😐😐😐😐.....i. feel. So ...weird....AND YET I KEEP READING 😝😂😂
Poor mom ;-; she's gonna need a hell lot of bleach after seeing that + holy water